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Top Brush Heads - Frequently Asked Questions 3
We hope you don’t have any issues but we know sometimes things aren’t perfect so we’ve written this page to help you. These are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions – we hope you find it useful, if your questions not answered please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page – we endeavor to get back to people in 24 hours.

1) Fitting the brush

Typically as this is a different patented design to the Oral B brush heads the fitting of the toothbrush head to the toothbrush can be tighter. This is part of the patented design to ensure that the internal mechanism (which is different) produces more power to the brush head. Sometimes it can be harder to fit onto the toothbrush, if this is the case we would recommend cleaning the metal part of the brush thoroughly and then moving the brush head up and down on metal part of the toothbrush until it fits on.

2) I haven’t received my item

Oh dear! We’re sorry about that, we typically dispatch items within 24 hours by royal mail 1st class (larger items by courier). Usually they fit through the letter box but if they don’t we recommend you check your local royal mail sorting office. If you haven’t received your item within 7 days from purchase please do get in contact via our contact page. This will not affect your money back guarantee.

3) Not 100% happy with my order

We’re sorry to hear that, well if none of our answers can rectify that please check out our money back guarantee page and get in contact with us through there. Please do let us know what the issues were, we’re constantly striving to improve our products and service.

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